Monday, November 5, 2018

Sewoon plaza

                                        Cheonggyechon  from 2d floor of Sewoon plaza building
                                           canson montval 24*32 watercolor, fountain pen
We went to Sewoon plaza in jongno, Seoul .
It was really nice day for drawing.
We had a great time in there as always.
It was the first time I'd visited to this area since the building was rebuilt for urban regeneration of Seoul city in 2017.
In Sewoon plaza , you can various scenary from the Joseon Dynasty to 2018 of Korea.
세운상가 2층에서 바라본 청계천 풍경
                                                 캔손 몽발지 24*32 만년필.수채물감
                     도시재생사업으로 2017년 재건축되어 새로 오픈한  세운상가 빌딩
                      9층 루프탑에서는 최첨단 도시 서울을 , 2층에서는 청계천을
                        건물 사이사이로 70~80년대, 맞은편에는 조선시대 종묘 까지
                         다양한 풍경이 공존하는 세운상가

                                                                  함께 하신 분들

그림 전시 풍경

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