Friday, November 30, 2018

Several sketches during last year

Last Chusuk(Thanksgiving day in Korea) I visited the temple Geumsunsa located at Bukhan mountain to cherish my late parents. I drew the stream flowing through the temple buildings.

A girl with her phone in a bus. pencil

A man looking down his phone in subway, blue color crayon pencil

I visited the Jongno district office for some business to be solved. I saw this couple across my seat. They came for similar purpose. pencil

This was done at 3rd floor of Nagwon musical instrument shopping mall. I walked the floor to find something to sketch. And I got to see these lines of the grand pianos. pencil

I love to draw some stuffs on desk. They compose natural scenes without any artificial purposes. pen, watercolor

Scene in bus by pencil

Scene at the National Museum of Korea, Yongsan. pen, pastels on packing paper

Lamps at IKEA Goyang, sepia conte

Yellow bags for customers at IKEA Goyang, pen, pastels

War ship at Daemyeong port, pen, pastels

It gets colder day by day. Causing lots of chores I didn't go out for sketching. Looking back last year I felt sorry about myself who was very lazy in sketching. I hope to be more anxious to sketch and to find some unknown spots for sketching next year. 

지난 한 해는 참으로 어려운 날씨다 뭐다 여러 핑계로 스케치를 멀리 했지 않나 싶습니다. 그래도 간간이 그린 그림들이 있어 추운 날씨에 작은 즐거움이라도 되었으면 하는 마음으로 올립니다. 점점 추워지는 일기에 건강히 지내시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다. 


한정선 said...

올해의 역작들이네요
시간이 흐르는건지,우리가 흘러가는건지..
올해도 저무네요.언제나처럼..
조은 그림..감사합니다~~^^

BH Yoo said...

빛의 속도를 절감하는 요즈음입니다. 벌써 일년이 휘리릭 지났군요. 어제 부여의 무량사와 화암서원을 단체버스타고 갔다왔습니다. 고려시대의 오층 석탑과 석등, 몇백년 된 극락전은 의연하더군요. 그만큼 오래 두고 볼 그림 한점이라도 할 수 있도록 열심히 해야하지 않겠나 하는 생각을 하며 그 보물들을 감상했습니다.