Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sketches on a beautiful Sunday

Sketches by Lee Yong Hwan

pencil, pen, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, A 4

pencil, watercolor crayons, 32 x 24 cm

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Sketches by Yoo Byung Hwa

17 x 25 cm

pencil, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, 19 x 26 cm

I began to learn billiard months ago registering a beginner program. It was interesting though very hard to hit two red balls. I think it's far more difficult than drawing on papers. It seems like to be of science, especially physics. These days I practice it at the billiard room often. Today YH Lee and I visited there we used to go for playing with other senior members. This time we planned to play by oneself and to have time for sketching while the other plays practicing the billiard. It was very good for both. I used two kinds of art material which I bought the other day. Watercolor crayons(12 colors) were nice to use and easy to carry on small bag too. Oil colors(12 colors) seemed to be useful and to make the drawing simple for I had to solve the color matter within narrow boundary of 12 sticks. Any time pencil was a good friend to me. 

This week might be the most beautiful season in palace ground. Unhyeongung was like that with colorful leaves. Citizens with Korean traditional costume were enjoying taking photos with their family or friends. We were happy together on a fine Sunday.

요즘 당구 배우느라 고생 많이 합니다. 선배님들과 섞여서 시간 축내고 처음 해보는 당구의 묘미를 맛보고 있습니다. 그림이야 종이위에 마음대로 그려도 누가 뭐라 하지 않겠지만 당구는 그렇지가 않은듯하구요. 과학이지 싶습니다. 운동역학이라고나 할까요. 복지관의 여러 고수들 틈에 잠시라도 시간을 축내지 않으려고 개인적으로 당구장에 시간 날때마다 갑니다. 두시간도 순식간에 지나는 것같아요. 오늘은 이용환샘과 함께 30분씩 나눠서 그림과 스케치를 번갈아 해보기로 했는데 여러모로 유효했습니다. 두시간 보내고 운현궁에서 잠시 쉬며 아름다운 풍경을 담아보았어요. 며칠전에 산 재료도 테스트해았는데 간편하고 좋았습니다. 

아름다운 가을 소중하게 보내시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다!

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