Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sketches at the Jeongdong observatory

a panoramic view of Seoul from the Jeongdong Observatory, 
pencil and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

a scene around Seoul Anglican Cathedral (대한성공회 서울교구), 
pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

Seoul City Hall and surrounding buildings, pencil, (36 x 51cm)

inside view of the Jeongdong Observatory, pen and watercolor, (30 x 42cm)

Yesterday, the weather was a bit cold and the first snow fell from dawn. The sudden sketch meetup was planned abruptly. When I went out of home it kept snowing. On the way going there the bus didn't move for long. There seemed to be a minor collision by slippery road. I arrived at the main gate of Deoksugung before 10:30 am but I couldn't find anybody looking like sketcher. I waited for somebody to join till 11am. It was so cold that I couldn't be there any more and moved to the Seoul city hall annexed building located at Seosomun near the palace. At the Jeongdong observatory (정동전망대) on 13th floor I took a seat and sketched four works. Though I couldn't meet Nick or any sketcher I could concentrate on studying and capturing the changing scenes from snow-covered roofs to shining planes. The place became to be one of attractions in Seoul. So many visitors such as tourists, citizens, and students with their teachers came and was surprised by the beautiful scenery. Snow and cold weather tested me with a difficult challenge. But I felt so happy for finishing the sketching with four sketches. It was a good "Special Experience Day" to me.
하필이면 첫눈과 진눈깨비, 폭설의 번개스케치날
약속되었던 Nick도, 스케쳐 한사람도 보이지 않았습니다.
빙판길 야외는 포기하고 혼자서 정동전망대 13층에 올라
한자리에서 뜨지않고 창너머 같은 장면을 다른 구도와 시각으로
삼매경에 취해 그린 "특별한 경험의 날"이었습니다.
백날 그려도 항상 새롭게 보이는 명당입니다~~


jecs choi said...

아... 이날 번개가 있었군요... 정보가 늦었네요... 눈오는데 고생하셨겠어요..그래도 그림은 멋집니다...

Lee Yong Hwan said...

아침부터 눈발에 고생스러웠어도 마음은 열기에 가득 차 있었습니다~
갑작스레 그림스케듈이 잡히더라도, 쾌적한 환경에서나 악조건에서나 한결같이 현장에서 그려낸다는 것이 어반스케치의 진수라 하겠습니다.

한정선 said...

손님접대를 혼자 하시게 됐는데 그나마 손님마저 안나오고..
그림을 조아하지 않으면 못할 노릇이지요
정말 수고하셨어요 덕분에 그림몇점 건졌네요^^

Lee Yong Hwan said...

혼자 그릴 수밖에 없었지만 워낙 좋은 장소라서 쓸쓸하지는 않았어요~
한 현장에서 여러 차례 그리다보면 익숙한 형태와 분위기를 음미하면서 또다른 시각으로 새로운 세계에 빠져드는 매력도 있습니다. 꼼짝없이 한자리에서 그렸는데도 시간 가는 줄 몰랐어요~~