Monday, October 30, 2017

sketches around Seoul Station and Seoullo 7017

the panorama of Seoul Station seen from Seoullo 7017, (25 x 42cm), pencil

a scene viewed from the old Seoul Station Square, (25 x 42cm), pen and watercolor

Shuttle Bus Boarding Area of Seoul Station, (25 x 42cm), pen and watercolor

a quick sketch of the cityscape focusing to the Namdaemun Gate seen from 
Seoullo 7017, (29.6 x 42cm), pencil

a quick sketch of railways of Gyeongui Line and the surrounding buildings, 
(29.6 x 42cm), pen
Seoul Station is one of the most favorite sketching subjects for me. I often sketched the famous historic station several times including the 30th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on April, 2011. It was very fine last Saturday, we Seoul urban sketchers met at Food Court on the 3rd floor inside Seoul Station building for sketching around the station building and Seoullo 7017, new attraction for citizens and tourists. The Seoullo 7017 project is completed five months ago, that promotes the regeneration of Seoul Station area by remodelling the old Seoul Station overpass construction into pedestrian walkaways. There are a variety of facilities along Seoullo 7017, including an information center, cafes, gardens, and stages. Seoullo 7017 itself is open all day, every day for many visitors to enjoy at their leisure.
At first, I began sketching here and there in and out of the station building from a new perspective, looking for the new scenes I didn't draw before. After lunch, I walked up to the Seoullo 7017 walkaways and enjoyed sketching the attractive panoramic scenes of downtown Seoul. Many pedestrians and children came up to me and were very interested in sketching on the spot quickly in the crowd. I was attracted by the colorful buildingscapes and enjoyed the lively sketch time as if I were floating in the air. 
서울역과 그 주변은 명실상부한 어반 스케치의 중심부라 하겠습니다.
구역사(문화역서울 284)와 현대식 복합민자역사 컴플렉스 하모니~~
날로 치솟는 주변 고층빌딩들과 대비되는 철길 주변의 근대 모습들,
고가도로를 개조해 Seoullo 7017로 새로 태어난 명물 공중보행로는
어반 스케쳐들의 꾸준한 작업을 위해 마련된 공간이라고 생각합니다.


jecs choi said...

빠른 선의 움직임이 그날의 분위기를 더해주는 것 같습니다. 많은 사람들과 수많은 차들의 움직임등..

정영경 said...

그림만 봐도 그 날 서울역 주변이 느껴지네요 연필스케치 멋집니다~~

bikyung said...

속도감이 느껴지는 서울의 모습입니다~
펜과연필스케치 너무 멋집니다

Andy Oh said...

언제봐도 멋집니다~

Lee Yong Hwan said...

차분히 그릴 때보다 북적거리는 속에서 휘갈겨 그릴 때, 스케치에 더 몰입되는 것 같아요.

한정선 said...

선생님은 갤러리들에 속에서 더 빛 나세요
흔들림없는 의연함..진정한 프로죠
구역사 주변스케치 멋져요~~

이충근 said...

보는이를 압도하는 군요
많이 배웁니다...^^