Saturday, July 12, 2014

44th World Wide SketchCrawl at Marronnier Park, Hyehwa-dong

conte, pen, pastels, A 4

new comer Noh Jin-yung

sketch of Noh Jin-yung, 23 x 14 cm

sketch of Noh Jin-yung

sketch of Hong Jin-kyoung

new comer, Lee Jung Ah

sketch of Lee Jung-ah

It was so humid and hot day. The park was crowded with people. Arko Art Center and Gallery locates in the park, where lots of performances are held. In the outdoor stage or in steps outside musicians play music freely. A day was not enough to capture all those scenes, so we couldn't go over to nearby places such as Korean National Open Univ., Seoul Nat'l Univ. Hospital museum, Hongik Univ. Daehangno campus, etc. The street seems to pull people with endless attractiveness. 
Thank you all the participants : YH Lee, SH Kim, YM Ham, YS Yun, KS Song, YH Kim, KH Kim, YS Yang, KO Kwon, KY Lee, BH Yoo, especially we welcome new comers; Lee Song-woo, Lee Jung-ah, Kim Eun-kyung, Noh Jin-yung, Hong Jin-kyoung. 


Hong Jin Kyoung said...

다양한 스케치들을 볼 수 있어서 정말 좋았습니다 :) 다음에 참가할 기회가 있다면
저도 스케치에 색을 입혀봐야 겠어요~

bh yoo said...

그러게요. 기회가 닿으면 함께 그리기 바랍니다.

so hyoung Kim said...

선생님 편안하고 부드러운 선느낌과 독특하면서 가볍지 않은 색감이 너무 좋아요~