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Friday, July 4, 2014

orange cement block bench at flower shop "Flos"

pencil, watercolor, 12 x 19 cm

Yesterday I walked along the Segeomjeong street. A strong orange colored bench caught my eye contrasted with blue stairs and supporting pole. I touched it and was surprised at the creative idea of using cement blocks. And a sentence was written on the window: "When you feel tired, please take some rest for a while."I began to sketch it. A middle aged woman came to see what I was doing. She said that it was her daughter's flower shop(Flos) opened a month ago and asked me to see inside. She told me that the bench was made by her husband for her daughter. After I finished the drawing I went in and heard that the flowers treated by special method in Japan, which would keep the same figure for two or three years without being withered. She imports, designs and sell them as present goods. When I was in the shop a lady was buying some present sets. I hoped her business to go well. 

어제 세검정 삼거리를 걷다가 아주 이색적인 의자를 보았어요. 짙은 오렌지 색으로 그 위의 푸른 철제 계단과 어울려 너무도 눈길을 끌었습니다. 그리는 도중에 중년부인께서 나오시며 딸이 한달전에 개업한거이며 아버지가 시멘트 블록으로 만들어준 것이라고 하시며 가게안에 들어와 구경하라고 하시더군요. 꽃들은 일본에서 수입한 것으로 2-3년은 족히 그 모양을 유지한다고요. 선물용으로 제작해서 판매한다고 합니다. 가게안에는 이마 젊은 여성이 선물용으로 몇세트를 구입하고 계셨어요. 잘되기를 바랐습니다. 

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