Friday, January 26, 2018

Leopards & elephants at the children's park


Leopards and elephants at the children's Grand park in Seoul
September  23, 2017

After being grown up, it was the frist time I had seen leopards at the zoo in real life.
I wad little bit frustrated cuz I always thought Leopards were really scary and big things.
But it was quite different what I had expected.
They were cute and pretty small.

I waved my hand and said hello to  the elephant.
She grinned and shaked her nose with a beautiful smile.
While I was drawing her, She seemed to be very boring.
She nibbled stuffs like tires  around her and sometimes looked at me.
Then suddenly She went inside her house .
I waited her  for a while to take photos of her.
But I couldn't .
She never comeback again untill I leaved that place.

작년 9월 어린이대공원 어반스케치 모임에서
그린 표범과 코끼리입니다.
표범이 너무 귀엽게 생겨 깜짝 놀랐습니다.
어린 시절 표범은 굉장히 무서운 동물이었는 데 말이죠.
정말 오랫만에 가 본 동물원입니다.
이제서야 그림 올립니다.
다음부터는 제때 올리도록 하겠습니다.

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