Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sketches about Youngsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa(temple)

A monk enters with a big red parasol for the ritual. I guessed it would symbolize that such parasol might have been used for the Buddha preaching at Youngchisan(mountain in India)

Several musicians followed playing traditional musical instruments(conical oboe).

There gathered lots of photographers. 

Monks from foreign countries participated. I could see they put cold towels on their heads.

Blue, yellow, red, white, and green long stripes were hung over.

I drew in front of main temple building. 

Traditional music with drums, bamboo pipes, taepyoungso(conical oboe) added exciting energy during the ritual with flying placards.

Monks undergoing performance for the ritual which has been kept for 30 years.

Sound from big drum could shake the hearts of every participants in and out ot the temple.

Dancers with big yellow hats waited for their turn to play.

Around the ending time monks from other temples departed hoping to meet again.

pen, pencil, brush pen, sepia conte, pastels, watercolor, A 4

It was my first experience to see the Youngsanjae Ritual held at Bongwonsa. The temple was crowded with visitors. It was hard to take cool seat for sketching. But it was fun to meet some people with whom could share talks about life and sketching. I heard that the ritual kept performing on June 6th, National Memorial Day every year. I like to go there next year again.

지난 현충일에 봉원사에서 영산재를 보았습니다. 많은 방문객들로 마땅한 자기 찾기가 어려웠지만 서서도 그리고, 양산쓰신 분 그늘에 의지하면서 나름 그리기를 계속했구요. 대웅전앞 돌계단에 앉아 옆의 여자분과 잠시지만 진솔한 대화를 나눈 것이 기억에 남습니다. 옷깃만 스쳐도 몇겁의 인연이 있다는데 순간의 만남과 대화는 참으로 귀중했습니다. 아름다운 장면들, 공간, 소리를 한껏 즐긴 하루였습니다. 아울러 세계평화와 호국 영령들의 안식도 빌었습니다.


drawing & Kang said...

빨간 파라솔 색감 멋져요~

한정선 said...

그림도 그리고 참배도 하시고..
일타이피의 행운을 누리셨네요 ㅎㅎ
다양한 색상의 스님들 의상이 인성적입니다~~

jecs choi said...

제례의식하는 동안에 빠른 손놀림으로 열심히 스케치하고 계셨을 선생님 모습이 상상이 됩니다..멋집니다..