Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sketches at Under Stand Avenue, Seoul

open-air market viewed from the outdoor stage, pen and watercolor, (36 x 51cm)

 a sketch at the main entrance of Under Stand Avenue, pen and pastel, (36 x 51cm)

a scene of crowded open-air market, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

a young couple sells the fresh blueberries, pen and watercolor, (29.6 x 42cm)

a scene of the outdoor stage, pencil, (29.6 x 42cm)

nearby buildings beyond Walkshop Loft Garden, pen and pastel, (29.6 x 42cm)
It was too hot last Saturday, Seoul usk members met at Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드 애비뉴) located between Seoul Forest (서울숲) and Seoul Forest Station. Under Stand Avenue, made of 116 recycled colorful containers complex, is attracting locals and tourists in eastern Seoul. The complex serves as a creative public cultural space for teenagers, artists, local vendors and small brands. There is also an outdoor stage for cultural performances, local community organize special events and various workshops every month. The very day we visited Under Stand Avenue, it was market day once a month on 4th Saturday for the food and beverage produced by urban farmers. The street mall was full of open-air shops with temporary colorful tents and crowded people. Unfortunately many stores and unique restaurants on the 2nd floor rooftop were under renewal construction, we couldn't help sketching outdoors on the ground level in search of the shadow.
I sketched the lively scenes of the crowded market with colorful tents and streetscape including nearby buildings harmonizing with moving cranes. It was a very exciting sketch time despite the summer heat.
컨테이너 명소인 언더스탠드 애비뉴~~ 
커먼 그라운드에서의 "광장"분위기와는 달리
"스트리트 몰"과 숲이 어우러진 새로운 느낌입니다.
예기치 않았던 "장날"과 "대형 리모델링 공사"로
2층에서 보는 좋은 각도의 입체적 장면을 못 그렸지만
땅 레벨에서 보는 번잡한 시장 모습과 하늘을 덮는 천막,
사이사이 보이는 율동같은 모습과 시시각각 변하는 그림자...
스케치 현장은 "가변성이 있고 예측불가"라는 것도 매력적입니다.


한정선 said...

선생님의 그림은 더위도 불사하네요^^

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마지막 빌딩 그림 힘찬 느낌🤩