Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a bazar at Jongno Culture & Gym Center, Sajikdong, Seoul

pen & pastel, 18 x 25 cm

A bazar was held in the foreground of the building for fundraising which would be used for poor villagers. Most of the visitors were the trainees of classes or swimmers. I had Chungmu Gimbab(rice wrapped by black laver) and a piece of chicken skewer. And sketched the exciting scenery.  One of the staffs said it was the first time held in the center.


Tamiz said...

선생님 그림보면서 저도 얼릉 연습해서 파스텔로 그려보고 싶어요^^

bh yoo said...

기도하는 법은 기도하면서 배우고, 그림은 그림으로써 배운다지요. 시작이 반이라는 속담이 정답같습니다.^ ^

Song Hye-sun said...

저두 반이나 온 거네요 ㅎㅎ 선생님은 말씀도 참 와닿게 하십니다^^