Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sketches at Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul

pencil, pen, pastels, A 4

Weather was very good for sketching; shiny, warm, and above all not rainy different from the forecast report. All the market was bustling with customers and merchants.  Every participant captured characteristic subjects of his or her own. And we could sketch the fish stores from the corridor of 2nd floor which was connected to the Noryangjin subway station. At one o'clock we had very delicious and plentiful lunch at a fish restaurant on 2nd floor, about which we owed JW Park much thanks. On the way of sketching the woman along the wall of the narrow alley a young lady showed interest in our activity. We talked over the sketching and sharing opinions. She hoped to join next sketchcrawl with her child. Thank you all for the sincerity and arduous job you did in such a crowded place, one of the most big markets in Korea, perhaps!


Song Hye-sun said...

어시장에서의 즐건 스케치~ 감사한 하루였습니다. 유병화 선생님 거침없는 드로잉에..색감에...넘넘 멋집니다.더 열심히 하겠습니다!

Kyoung Won JUNG said...

스케치하기 좋은날씨, 좋은장소,훌륭한조언이 오가는 점심시간,또다시 에너지를 얻은 하루였습니다
다들 함께 해주셔서 감사합니다 유샘그림 볼수록 좋습니다

bh yoo said...

우울증에는 큰 시장에 가보는 것이 약이 아닐까 싶은 생각이 종종 듭니다. 상인이건, 손님이건 모두가 삶을 위해서 바삐 움직이는 것을 보면 덩달이 활력소를 얻게되구요. 참석하신 모든 분들 감사했습니다!