Friday, July 17, 2015

two more sketches at the Riverview 8th Avenue

scenery of north end of the Gwangjin bridge, Han river seen from Riverview 8th Avenue, pencil, watercolor, A 4

scenery of south end of the bridge, charcoal, A 4

Today I went to the bridge to sketch more around the bridge including Hangang citizen's park at southern riverside. But the severe wind by typhoon I just stayed drawing scenes from the round deck of the gallery. 

오늘 광진교 8반가에 다시 가서 스케치 두점 했습니다. 시민공원에 내려가려고 했는데 바람이 세차서 갤러리 주변을 더 그려보았어요. 해도 해도 끝없는 드로잉 소재같습니다.

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