Tuesday, August 2, 2011

People Sketches from Kunming

씩씩하게 잘 돌아왔습니다!!

Kunming, China is amazing city with dynamic contrast of lives. I was lucky to see various parts of the city. Here are some sketches from a wet market(시장), which is like farmer's market in the U.S..

Actually these pieces are from the beef wholesale market right by the wet market. We visited there before noon, but they were already closed in early morning. Just a few people were working on their meat. Three kids were running on the empty meat tables and were very interested in the tourist-looking visitors.


bh yoo said...

시장풍경 잘 감상했어요. 무사히 돌아오셔서 다행입니다. ^ ^

Song Hye-sun said...

저두요..지난번 낙원상가 스케치때 수려님 빈자리가 허전했답니다^^