Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sketches around Gwangwhamun

kind of rose moss at flower shop

national flags hung on Byucksan Kwangwhamun Seedae Officetel, Naejadong

frontal feature of Starbucks Coffee at Gwangwhamun

a girl at a bus on my way coming home
13 x 19 cm sketchbook
It was raining all day. I walked from Sajik Park to Gwangwhamun sketching the above ones. A pretty pot of flower imported rose moss caught my eye. While sketching the owner of the flower shop came out to see. Because I'd lived over 30 years in that village not far from the shop we talked about redevelopment, the old bakery, old doctor whom I had frequented for curing of my kids and I heard that he died after moving out the village. National flags hung on the building for celebrating the Independence Day of Korea were touching; the colors looked vivid due to the rain.


Song Hye-sun said...

버스 창밖 비에 젖은 듯 한 느낌 참 좋습니다..역시 짱!! 이셔요^^

bh yoo said...

여학생이 정거장 안놓치려고 머리를 자주 들어서...그래도 저희 동네까지 거의 같이 와서 고마왔어요. 비때문에 우산, 빗방울도 한 등장하더군요. :)

ecrire said...

꽃이 너무 예쁩니다 담백한 향기,