Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some sketches in monochrome

the overpass viewed from Cultural Complex J-Bug at Jayang-dong 

viewed from the same spot

Chungdam Bridge viewed from Han River Park Thukseom Area

a cafe by the roadside to Mt. Namsan

at Huam-dong village

Jongno Culture & Gym. Center at Sajik-dong

Song Pa Public Library at Ogeum-dong

The old-fashioned houses at Namchang-dong

Seoul Childcare Center viewed from Baejae Park
Once in a while, I attempt to sketch in monochrome. To simplify the color may be uninteresting, but the trial is useful in many ways, for instance, to make an experiment in complete control of value, to experience a particular impression of the dominant color, and so on. I like such a good potentiality of the monochrome.

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