Thursday, August 11, 2011

sketches at Myungdong Catholic Church, Seoul

view from the left yard of the church

left side of the church

a man mending the bricks at left yard of the church

a clothes shop at Myungdong street

After sketching some at the Myungdong Cathedral Church I visited the Pyunghwa Gallery in Catholic Center. I could see the SHONA exhibition(Aug. 10 - Aug. 23). Exhibited works from Zimbabwe were really great.  Hope you to visit there if possible. I took some photos for reference.


Kyoung Won JUNG said...

목탄스케치 매력에빠져듭니다.

bh yoo said...

성당마당의 나무 그늘 아래 벤치에서 아주 시원하게 앉아서 번잡스러운 목탄부터 시작했어요. 매번 공부가 됩니다. 정말 좋은 작품 나올때까지 쭈욱...!!!

kwon.j.s said...

목탄 느낌 너무 좋습니다.

bh yoo said...

목탄이 해볼수록 매력이 있어 늘 갖고 다니려구요. 감사합니다! :)