Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sketches at Jongno

Nagwon Instrument(musical) Arcade

McDonalds, Anguk branch

Tower in Jogyesa(temple)
8B pencil, brush pen, water soluble pencils, 30 x 42 cm

Weather was not bad though the humidity was high by rain. Nagwon musical instrument Arcade is one of my favorite places for sketching. Lots of instruments are always attractive. It's the place where any kind of musical instrument can be found. So lots of music players visit to buy new one or sell old one or repair them. Above all it's good to sketch when it rains. 

Hope all to have nice time sketching Jongno in hot and rainy days and share them!

폭우 예보에도 불구하고 날씨는 그림그리기 나쁘지 않았어요. 우선 낙원 상가에 들러 한 장 그리고 점심후에 맥도날드에서 차 한잔하며 한장 더 하고 조계사 풍경을 붓펜으로 그려보았습니다. 붓이라 다른 재료보다 조심스럽더군요. 수용성 연필로 색을 마감하고요.  

어려운 날씨에 스케치 작업 많이 하시기 바라며, 아울러 건강히 지내시기 바랍니다.

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