Thursday, July 20, 2017

Small sketches at Jongno Tower

sculpture "Sound of light", 250 x 250 x 320 cm, by Ahn Jong Yeon, located at the lobby of Jongno Tower building
brush pen, watercolor, 18 x 12.5 cm

scene of Jongno Books looked down from B1 of Jongno Tower,
pencil, watercolor, 18 x 12.5 cm

Due to hot and strong light at noon it's very fearful to go out. I dropped in the Samsung A/S center to fix my phone. After finishing it I came down to lobby and didn't feel like going out. I looked around the lobby and decided to draw the big sculpture over the water. It was set after months' remodeling of the lobby. The explanation noted that it expressed Jongno, center of economy and culture, as spiral sculpture harmonized with water and light considered as symbols of wealth and energy topographically. And it aimed the energy of Jongno to be transferred to visitors and occupied offices. 
After finishing the first one I went down for sketching more. I found a book store scene from the corridor. The Jongno Books was relaunched last December 14 years after its closing. It was great to see the oldest bookstore(launced on 1907) come back to book readers. 

너무나 뜨거운 햇살에 휴대폰 고치는 일이 끝나고도 선뜻 길을 나설 수가 없었습니다. 시원한 실내에서 새단장한 종로 타워 로비를 그려보았구요. 작은 종이에 큰 조형물을 억지로 그려넣었구요. 아래층에 내려가서 종로 서적의 한 장면을 내려다 보고 그렸습니다.

전에 그리던 종로 타워의 빈 창가에도 사무실이 들어서서 그리기 어려운 것을 보며 그릴 수 있을 때 그려야 하는 것을 다시금 느끼고 건물을 나왔습니다. 따가운 열기 속으로...


Unknown said...

평상시 그리시던 그림들과 분위기가 달라서 잠시 깜놀하고 갑니다~^^

BH Yoo said...

제가 어떤 그림을 그리는지 저 자신이 잘 모릅니다.
도무지 종잡을 수 없어서요.
그저 내키는대로라고나 할까요...^ ^