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Monday, September 25, 2017

Seoul Children's Grand Park


     Children's park was where I went to go for a long time.
     I'd like to draw the dynamic animals.
     But, it's weekday, so crowded with children and their parents,
     and noisy with children's song from the speakers.
     First l drew leopard. They were nocturnal,kept sleeping all day,
     its good for drawing.
     Next, I went to elephants and zebra in turn.
     Contrary to the leopard, they moved constantly, it's hard to draw.
     Actually I'd like to draw giraffes, but there was no giraff in that place
     It's been a long time to visit the zoo, l was a little bit confused
     It's a little shocking to see animals in a narrow fence .
     I felt the fence was like a prison. I thought about 'the right of
     animals' for a moment while drawing a picture, but it's so complex
     and complicated matter, l had to stop my thought and just woke on
     my drawing. Someday the zoo will disappear ㅠㅠ
     Nice day, good work....
     Thank you for the animal models and member's good works^^


이충근 said...


Lee Yong Hwan said...

울타리 안에 갇힌 동물들을 평화로운 낙원의 세계로 이끌어낸...뜻깊은 sketch day였습니다~~!

BH Yoo said...

대공원의 백미 동물 그림들 생동감이 넘쳐요!

정영경 said...

같은 곳 다른 느낌 ~멋져요~^^


아름다운 그림들 즐겁게 감상합니다.

jecs choi said...

눈이 호강합니다..멋진 그림이네요..

Andy Oh said...

동물중 인기 모델들이네요