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Monday, September 11, 2017

Urban Sketch in Yonsei University

  Yonsei University is not far from my house.
  Normally l was just passed by, but last Saturday
  l went there to draw first.
  There were not many people because it was weekend.
  The weather was still hot and a little humid
   but its okay compared to last summer.
   I sat down under the big tree looking for the some shelters
   but ants and mosques made last ride ㅠㅠ
   Anyway l draw hard and appreciated member's work.
   Good luck to all !


BH Yoo said...

Special luck to you!
Much thanks for your great works and story too! ~~

정영경 said...

광혜원 정원의 탑들이 너무 정겨워요 ~good ~~!

Lee Yong Hwan said...

열작의 분위기가 그대로 전해오는 듯 합니다~~

Andy Oh said...

잘보고 갑니다~

bikyung said...

그날의 느낌이 ~