Monday, October 28, 2013

Hankook Bank & Sungnyemun

<Hankook Bank & Sungnyemun>
This fall, the sky is very blue. Call the center of Seoul, went to sketch on the front gate. Antique feel of the Hankook Bank building and a sophisticated sculpture fountain is as if you would in Europe. Namdaemun was burnt down in the fire and repair the other day and he had great splendour. Cultural heritage of the human race should always be handled carefully for your precious property. Being able to draw these things happy.

그림올리는게 너무 늦어져서 죄송합니다. ^^;;
회사일과 결혼준비 그리고 그림작업과 함께 신앙생활을 같이하는게 쉽지가 않네요. ㅎ
앞으로 좀더 부지런해져야 할것 같아요.
그래도 이렇게 그림을 그리고 나눌수 있어서 감사하고 행복한것 같습니다.

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bh yoo said...

결혼 앞두고 여러모로 많이 바쁘시겠습니다. 수고하셨어요. ^ ^