Saturday, November 23, 2013

miscellaneous sketches around Jogyesa Temple, Gyeonji-dong (견지동)

This year, I went sketching to Jogyesa Temple( 조계사) several times. The temple has a number of colorful subjects  for sketching. Here are some pieces not yet posted on usk blog.

looking at the main gate, One Pillar Gate ( 일주문을 보며), pen and watercolor,

temple office (종무소), pen and watercolor,

outdoor shelter in front of the temple office ( 신도용 쉼터 ), pen and watercolor,

 connection bridge to the annex sanctuary ( 별관 연결 브릿지), pencil and watercolor,

an angle rafter of Daewoongjeon ( 대웅전 추녀 ), pen and watercolor,

a camera crew waiting for inauguration of supreme patriarch ( 종정 취임식 촬영 준비 ), pencil and watercolor,

two monks guided followers to the rally ( 집회장을 안내하며..), pen and watercolor
( 14.8 x 21cm sketchbook )
최근의 조계사 스케치 중에서 usk 블로그에 올리지 않았던 그림들을 올립니다.
도심사찰은 정숙한 분위기보다는 활기차고 조화로운 장면들이 생동감을 줍니다.

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