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Friday, November 29, 2013

some sketches in celebration of a wedding (결혼식장)

Last weekend, I attended the wedding of my colleague's son at Ofelis Wedding Convention(오펠리스 웨딩) located in Seosomun-dong(서소문동) near Seoul City Hall. The wedding hall was so elegant and crowded with guests including our intimate friends. We celebrated the beautiful wedding and enjoyed reception festively. While wedding ceremony, I sketched several scenes of wedding ceremony cautiously and quickly among the guests. In the wedding hall, painting is prohibited. So after leaving the wedding hall, I added colors as I saw. It was quite a pleasant sketch time. 

the opening of the wedding ceremony (개회사), pen and watercolor,

officiant's message(주례사), pen and watercolor, pen and watercolor,

the groom sang a nuptial song(축가) for his bride, pen and watercolor,

two families are gathered in commemoration of the wedding, pen and watercolor,
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
결혼식장은 우아한 분위기와 커플의 예쁜 모습,  북적거리는 라운지와 피로연장.... 
정숙함과 떠들썩함이 혼재하는 ~~ 긴장감 속에 흥미진진한 스케치 장소입니다. 

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