Tuesday, November 26, 2013

some buildings around Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu

Gwanhun-dong (관훈동) is known as a gateway to the Insadong-gil, the largest market for antiques and artworks in Korea. The area is bordered by Anguk-dong(안국동) and Songhyeon-dong(송현동)to the north, Gyeongun-dong(경운동)to the east, and Insa-dong(인사동) to the south, and Gyeonji-dong (견지동) to the west. There are numbers of galleries standing closely together like Insa-dong. I sketched some small galleries and other buildings on my way to Insa-dong occasionally.

Ara Art Center(아라아트센터), pen and watercolor,

Baegak Art Space(백악미술관), pencil and watercolor,

a building construction site near the galleries, pen and watercolor,

Bon Gallery(본 갤러리) at Gyeonji-dong, brush pen and watercolor,

Seoul Jungang Church(제7일안식교 서울중앙교회), pen and watercolor,
( 14.8 x 21cm sketchbook ) 
가끔 인사동 들를 때 지나가는 관훈동 골목에 모여있는 건물들은 작지만 독특하고 서로 다
른 느낌을 스케치에 담기에 좋은 소재들입니다.

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