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Friday, November 8, 2013

several sketches at Heungguksa Temple (흥국사) in Goyang City

This autumn I visited Heungguksa Temple twice for temple sketching. The temple is not so far from my village and access road is pretty smooth to approach. In the precincts of the temple,The yellow chrysanthemums were in full glory all over the place and I was fascinated by the scenic beauty of the colorful fall leaves around the temple. A number of temple buildings, including Yaksajeon (1686~),were well arranged harmoniously combined with one another surrounding the courtyard. 
Sketching the traditional architecture is very helpful for me to develop the sense of proportion. 

the scenery in the foreground, pen and watercolor

Yaksajeon, pen and watercolor

ascending the stone steps toward the courtyard, pen and watercolor

the front view of Seolbupjeon (mitajeon), brush pen 

the side view of Seolbupjeon, pen and watercolor

Gugrakjeon, pen and watercolor

outdoor coffee stand as a resting place, pen and watercolor
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
흥국사는 서울 근교의 가까운 사찰로 넓고 아늑한 분위기를 지닌 고찰입니다. 
완만한 사찰 진입로 주변과 평탄한 경내 건물들을 돌며 스케치하기에 좋습니다. 
높낮이의 자연스러운 흐름, 단절과 이음사이의 분위기, 형태의 구성미.... 
전통건축 스케치는 비례, 대칭, 균형, 조화~~그릴수록 도움이 되는 훌륭한 소재입니다. 

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