Friday, September 9, 2011

believers of different religions at different places

Buddhist nun with her phone at a bus, chalk, A 4

Female believers were arranging flowers at an altar of the Jongro Catholic Church located at Jongro 4 Ga, Seoul. pen & soft pastels, A 4

On the way going to Dongdaemun Market I sketched the above ones. At church they were busy with their work and didn't prohibit me to draw inside the church. Looking at the beautiful flowers and smelling the fragrance was another present beside the drawing.


ecrire said...

버스창을 통해 들어오는 광선과 잿빛 승복이 절묘합니다

bh yoo said...

저희 동네 근처에 있는 절의 비구니 스님이셔요. 광화문에서 내리실때까지 편한 마음으로 그렸어요. 수도자분들 스케치에는 흑백이 좋은 것같습니다. ^ ^