Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Sketchcrawl I at Myungryundang, Myungryundong, Chongroku, Seoul

Eo Jini(어진이), new comer

previous drawings of Eo Jini from her sketchbook

Kim Hye Ran, the entrance of Sungkyunkwan University

Yoo Byung Hwa, buildings across the entrance of Sungkyunkwan University, pen and chalks, 30 x 40 cm

preparing wedding ceremony in the foreground of Myungryundang, the shrine of Confucius and his disciples of Korea and China, pen and chalks, 30 x 40 cm

opened window of a room in the buildings in the shrine, pencil and watercolor, white chalk, 30 x 40 cm

women resting on the foreground of the shrine, chalks, 30 x 40 cm

The following four drawings were drawn on June 6, 2011 at the same sketching place.

Hoamkwan & Business School Building of the Sungkyunkwan University, A 4, charcoal,
drawn on June 6, 2011, charcoal, A 4

left side of the Faculty building in the Sungkyunkwan University, A 4,
drawn on June 6, 2011, pencil & watercolor

Myungryundang at Munmyo located next to the university,
drawn on June 6, 2011 and posted to this blog on same day (June 6, 2011),  A 4, charcoal

Laborer was mending with clay the heating system of the far left room in Myungryundang,
drawn on June 6, 2011, pen and watercolor, A 4

10 participants came to the Myungryundang for sketching. The weather was fine. The Sungkyunkwan University and the Myungryundang are neighbouring. Sketchers liked the latter for its attractive features for sketching rather than the modern buildings in university campus. On the foreground of the Myungryundang, the Confucius shrine, was there going a wedding ceremony. We could see the traditional wedding ceremony sketching and hearing Korean classical music. Eo Jini, the new comer, came to join as she promised on Aug. 15 when she met us at Seodaemun Prison History Hall, where she even sketched one piece on the spot. We thanked her for that she prepared the delicious lunch to share with us, the Gimbab(rice rolled in dried laver). We hoped she'd continue to participate in and to accomplish her dream since a kid to be an artist. Thank you all!


Song Hye-sun said...

어제는 날씨도 장소도 넘 좋았습니다.서울의 곳곳을 유 선생님 덕분으로 구경도 스케치도 일석다조 였습니다.
처음 오신 어진이 선생님 넘넘 반가웠구요 정성이 가득한 김밥도 잘먹었습니다..어제 잠깐이였지만 그림에대한 열정이 가득하셨지만 여의치 못해 이제사 시작하시는 설레임이 가득찬 모습을 보면서 저게는 늘 언제든지 할 수 있는 거라 그리 소중하지 않았는데 새삼 감사했지요.기대이상의 즐거움이 많으실거예요 .함께 할 수 있어 행복한 하루였습니다!!.

bh yoo said...

어제 오신 신입 두분께서 저희들은 대강 접고 나오는데도 하던 그림 완성하고 더 그리겠다며 늦은 오후의 햇살속으로 걸어 가시더군요. 가슴이 뭉클했어요. 지난 광복절 스케치중에 만난 어진이샘께서 어제 스케치에 실제로 참여하시고 너무 좋아하시는 모습에 저희도 감동했습니다. 맛있는 김밥 정말 감사했습니다. 박선생님 시원한 음료수도 갈증에 그저그만이었구요. 고마웠습니다!