Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sketches at Daehakro & Hyehwadong, Seoul

Arco Arts Theater, Daehakro, Dongsungdong, pencil, watercolor, A 4

House of Chang Myun(1899 - 1966, Ex-Prime Minister, Ex-Vice President), Hyehwadong, Seoul, designated on 2007 as Cultural property of Seoul City, pencil, pastel, A 4

It was a hot day. But the sunlit red brick buildings at Marronnier Park, Dongsungdong were beautiful. It was meaningful to be able to sketch the private house of Chang Myun, which was designated as cultural property of Seoul on 2007. I went inside the house. Main building was of Korean style house and the annexed building for the visitors and secretaries was not of traditional style, but of compromised one.


ecrire said...

마로니에 나무 아래 가을의 그늘이 가득합니다

bh yoo said...

그림에 보이는 벤치의 노숙자(실제는 여렷) 술타령에 '아줌마, 나 그리지 마'하고 시비거는 통에 기분이 상했어요. 좋은 마로니에 분위기가 반감되었어요. 휴일끝이어서인지 쓰레기도 많았구요. 시민의식이 아쉬웠어요, 두루두루...